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strength for runners

Strength Training For New Runners

personal training Brisbane      30 October 2016           Link     

Sure, it’s easy to get hurt when you’re just starting out. There are countless aches, pains, and ouches that you’re bound to feel when you’re pushing your body farther and faster than it’s gone before. But here’s the good news: There’s a lot that you can do to prevent the most common running injuries.

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rogan josh

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Rogan Josh Recipe

personal training Brisbane      30 April 2016           Link     

A tasty, low fat winter warmer that is so nutritious. To take the protein levels even higher, you can add lamb which makes this recipe more of a traditional rogan josh recipe. Vegetarians, or those that want to include more vegetables in their diet but still want to eat tasty food will love this recipe.

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obesity levels rising

Obesity Levels Rising At An Alarming Rate

personal training Brisbane      30 April 2016           Link     

Greater access to ‘fast food’, busy lifestyles leading to unhealthy food choices and ‘eating on the run’, increase cost of fresh food versus cheaper and convenient processed options, reliance and ease of access to prescription medication to deal with diabeties, high cholesterol and other diet-related illness/disease has all contributed to the increase in obesity levels....

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Natural Alternatives To Tackle Inflammation

personal training Brisbane      6 April 2016           Link     

Ditch medicines and use whole food to keep soreness and inflammation at bay.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the muscle soreness and joint pain in the 12- to 48-hour time frame after a vigorous workout can serve as a major frustration. The good news is....

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eating clean at christmas

How Sleep is Affecting Your Fitness

personal training Brisbane      31 March 2016           Link     

Succeeding in your exercising regime is often about doing more; more weight, more reps, more kilometres and more effort. However, as stress and exertion levels rise, overtraining is becoming more common. Allowing our body adequate time to repair is just as important as the time we spend using it, which is why sleep could be what’s holding you back. - Julie Andrews

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eating clean at christmas

Eating Clean At Christmas

personal training Brisbane      20 December 2015           Link     

It’s holiday season once again! It seems as though December and New Year’s all roll into non-stop parties, dinners, bbq’s and all manner of social engagements. It can be super difficult to resist the abundance of holiday goodies that pop up around this time of year. Here are some strategies that always seem to help me stay on track - Julie Andrews

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nutrition hacks

8 Nutrition Hacks To Healthy Eating

personal training Brisbane      7 December 2015           Link     

Eating healthy often raises thoughts of strict diets, calorie counting and never ending preparation. Good nutrition doesn’t have to be hard at all, and you can start making improvements instantly with these top eight hacks for a healthier lifestyle. - Julie Andrews

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fitness goals

Maintaining Fitness Goals

personal training Brisbane      11 November 2015           Link     

Why maintaining fitness goals is so much harder than achieving them.

Have you ever worked towards a fitness or health goal, only to achieve it and slowly slide back to where you started? Let’s shed some light on why this happens and how we can shift our thinking and training to ensure we cultivate habits, not just smash goals. - Julie Andrews

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8 Tips for Summer Workouts

8 Tips for Summer Workouts

personal training Brisbane      14 October 2015           Link     

We are so fortunate in Queensland to have fabulous weather during Spring and summer! It is the perfect time to go outside and have fun. It's one of my favourite times of year because there are so many outdoor activities to enjoy. Everything is more fun outside, whether you're swimming, running, cycling, hiking or generally working out. - Julie Andrews

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20 healthiest foods

20 Of The Healthiest Foods On The Planet

personal training Brisbane      30 September 2015           Link     

Here are 20 foods that offer the most benefits kilo for kilo than any other foods on the planet. They are versatile and long been known to provide plenty of nutrients and good things for the body. There are a few that you might not be familiar with, so consider this your introduction, and now you can get to know them better in the near future. - Julie Andrews

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breakfast muffins

Breakfast Muffins Recipe

personal training Brisbane      25 September 2015           Link     

Your alarm sounds; gym bag, water bottle, towel are ready to go. Breakfast?....Not so much.

We are all guilty of skipping brekky in favour of an early workout or rush to work. But what if you could prepare the perfect wholesome breakfast the night before?

Enter the breakfast muffin! - Julie Andrews

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