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Should I exercise when I have a cold?

personal training Brisbane      21 July 2015           Link     

The winter blues can often come attached with winter colds and sniffles, or maybe something a little more sinister. I often get asked if exercising while battling a cold is a good idea or not. Well, it depends on the the symptoms. Read on to find out if you can or can't, then you be the judge. - Julie Andrews

Awkwardly coughing your way through a workout? Completing your cardio with the sniffles? We talk about the age old question; should we be exercising with a cold? Read on and find out whether you need to stay on the couch for a while longer or launch back into your routine!

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7 Ways To Get Motivated For A Winter Workout

personal training Brisbane      16 July 2015           Link     

The motivation to continue with any exercise regime drops drastically during the colder months! Trust me, I could have stayed under the covers this morning as the winter chills whipped at my cheeks setting off to meet my running buddy! That's what keeps me motivated ... exercising with friends and groups. They keep me keen and accountable. What works for you? Read on for some ideas to help keep your fitness on track! - Julie Andrews

It's getting cold out there, but a drop in the temperature doesn't mean you can skip out on your workout! In fact, we tend to be less active in winter anyway so it's essential to keep up with your exercise schedule and beat the winter blues.

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Winter warmers....Perfect Muffin Recipe

personal training Brisbane      6 July 2015           Link     

Last week I posted an article about comfort foods, and how we can avoid ‘blowing out’ the calories, while still being able to enjoy some warm delights during the colder months. - Julie Andrews

Here is a healthy substitute to pies and sausage rolls that will be a real hit with the family. They are super easy to make and don’t cost the earth. You can choose the amount of ingredients and volume according to how many you wish to make. How about getting the kids in the kitchen to lend a hand!

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Clean Up Your Winter Comfort Foods

personal training Brisbane      29 June 2015           Link     

I regularly follow the advice and suggestions provided by industry experts. The Australian Institute of Fitness is no exception. This article is fresh and current with tips that you can easily adapt into your current lifestyle. Enjoy! - Julie Andrews

It’s getting darker, colder and you’ve had a hard day. Australian Institute of Fitness Nutrition Expert, Shivaun Conn, lays down the law on cleaning up your winter comfort food act!

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