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If you’re new to exercise, having trouble reaching your training goals or have reached a plateau in your fitness level, personal training is a great way to take your fitness to the next stage. Personal training is also ideal if you find it hard to stay motivated. It can add some variety and fun to your training to help you stay on track.
All you need to do is fill in our contact form online. Make sure you mention what type of results you are after and any other training requests you may have (e.g. any injuries, if you prefer to train at a certain time of day, how many sessions a week you would like, etc). One of our personal trainers will contact you to discuss a program to suit your needs.
Definitely, personal training caters for all fitness levels. Combining personal training sessions with your fitness routine is a great way to blast through barriers and achieve your fitness goals faster. Before starting personal training, you’ll need to complete a personal profile form and pre exercise questionnaire. To get started, simply fill in our personal training enquiry form.
We will work out a suitable program to fit in with your work and personal life. It’s completely up to you!
Training sessions vary depending on your goals and interests. Sessions are usually conducted outside at a suitable venue or at a your home. Activities such as boxing, weights, circuits, cardio, running, plyometrics and much more. Have a look at our Services page for more information.
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and suitable footwear. All you need to bring to a session is a drink bottle, a towel, and a winning attitude!
If you would like to include some performance testing (e.g. beep test, strength testing, fitness testing) during your sessions, please mention this in advance and we can easily arrange this for you.
The free running groups are fun runs for all abilities. The idea is to just get out there and run with others. It’s empowering, motivating, much more fun than running alone and we can help to push each other along. If you need to walk for a bit, then that’s okay too! Give it a go - it’s very addictive!
All exercises in the session are basic, functional exercises that all have an easier option and harder options available to cater for various fitness levels. For instance, a push-up on toes can be made easier by changing the exercise to push up on knees or made harder by adding a clap. An abdominal crunch can be made easier by changing to a full sit-up or harder by adding a gym ball.
There’s never a perfect time to start an exercise program other than RIGHT NOW! We are creatures of habit. It’s time to start making good ones. Before we start any exercise, we need to assess your fitness. Part of this process is breaking down eating habits and working with suggestions to modify behaviours. It’s amazing how becoming accountable to someone really helps to achieve results.
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