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Personal Training and Fitness Coach

The ultimate training experience where you receive one-on-one training through a variety of difference plans on offer (see plans page).

All training plans include a pre-exercise questionnaire, personal profile, ongoing fitness assessments, healthy eating and general nutrition advice and the first session is free!

The fitness assessment sets the benchmark for improvement throughout your training. We take some basic body measurements, assess resting heart rate, take blood pressure and conduct relevant cardio, strength & flexibility tests. This data confirms your readiness to commence a program.

More detailed plans also include written programming cards for use at home in between personal training sessions to maximise your results. All programmes and fitness assessments are evaluated regularly.

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Bootcamps Brisbane

These are fun bootcamp sessions involving circuit style training using a variety of training equipment. They are an hour duration where you race against the clock or are challenged by number of reps! Ideal for the novice through to advanced as all sessions allow for progression of exercises depending on your level of fitness!

A great way to get fit with family and friends! You know what they say … safety in numbers so come and give it a go!

Bootcamp sessions available early mornings and evenings beginners to advanced! Contact us for details.

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Boxing Sessions

A total body workout combining cardio, strength and conditioning! It also improves, stability, balance and co-ordination.

Two types of boxing sessions are available:

  1. Personal Training boxing - 1 hour one-on-one instruction beginners through to intermediate coaching! You will be coached in basic stance, footwork, punch patterns, slip and duck techniques and defence! This is a high intensity workout that is exhilarating and loads of fun.
  2. Group boxing - 1 hour sessions catering for all fitness levels. Learn basic footwork and punch patterns combined with other agility and fitness equipment for fun and variety.

PLEASE NOTE: PT boxing by appointment only. Group boxing bookings essential. Contact us for details and bookings. Class times refer timetable. Boxing equipment provided.

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Running Coaching

Coaching available for all levels from the novice to recreational athletes. Whether you want to run for fitness, enter your first 5km event or long time runner looking to hone some skills, we can help. Either one-on-one, part of a free running group or joining our run squad will definitely benefit.

Our local Brisbane run squad meets once a week - ideal for the seasoned runner who needs to keep on top of their skills or is training for a specific event.

We have triathletes, regular and marathon runners, ironman and ultra ironman man competitors. Julie Andrews is committed to providing challenging yet enjoyable sessions!

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Injury and Rehabilitation

Recovering from injury can be frustrating, painful and seem to take such a long time. Whether it be work-related, as a result of a fall or car accident or a sporting injury, the natural progression to full range of motion and developing strength and function is through rehabilitation.

Once you have been ably cared for by health professionals, the natural and suggested progression is through to rehab training.

Julie Andrews is a qualified injury and sports rehabilitation trainer with the skills & knowledge necessary to help you regain strength, function, range of movement and confidence. Dedicated to working with your health care specialist to promote wellness in a safe and compassionate manner.

Once rehabilitation has been achieved, and you have been ’cleared’ by your health care specialist, we can then structure a regular, balanced program to maintain fitness. Just contact us to see how we can get started.

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Diet and Nutrition

The information provided by Body Connection Health & Fitness is of a general nature and reflects the Australian Dietary Guidelines. This gives us an excellent platform to deliver advice relating to food groups and lifestyle patterns that promote good health.

We can help evaluate current consumption patterns with nutrition checklists and daily eating diaries.

We can educate, encourage and advise you regarding healthy eating including substitutions, reductions and supplementations. However, we recommend you consult an accredited practising dietician or nutritionist regarding written plans, set menus or recommended food lists.

Keep an eye out for regular blogs relating to nutrition that have been prepared by accredited industry professionals.

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Advanced Conditioning

Taking personal training to a new level, advanced conditioning is selecting exercises and designing programs for the competitive athlete or weekend warrior as well as those who have reached a high level of performance and are looking to be challenged even further.

We spend considerable time understanding the many attributes of a given sport so that appropriate conditioning programs can be designed. Of course the client also needs to be fully assessed to ensure adequate levels of fitness for high intensity training.

Programming usually involves advanced cardiovascular training along with plyometric, speed, agility and quickness training. We are happy to work in conjunction with existing team or individual coaches.

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