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   16 March 2017

"Julie's passion and enthusiasm to get the best out of people really shines through."

Reece - MacGregor

I have trained with Julie for nearly two years now both in a personal training space and running space. Julie's passion and enthusiasm to get the best out of people really shines through. For me this no exception. Not only does she ensure she she gets the best out of you, she also takes the time to know and understand your goals and visions so she can then tailor the training to best suit you. I lost a lot of confidence in my running to the point I was scared to run with others. With Julie's encouragement and training I have not looked back. I am on the way to my best form for a very long time thanks to Julie.

If you need to get your fitness up and maintain it then Julie is the person for you. she will have you into shape both mentally and physically. I guarantee she will support you all the way through to ensure you kick your goals.


   15 March 2017

"I couldn't have got where I am without Julie's help, support, knowledge and encouragement."

Kylie - Windaroo

After many years of gaining more and more weight and watching as my health declined, and being extremely unhappy, and watching life pass me by, I finally decided it was time to make changes.

I found Julie and from my first email she was supportive, informative and reassuring. It took me several weeks and many emails to finally build the courage and attend a group session. It was the very best decision I could have ever made for myself. Julie worked with me for several months and I decided it was time to move to PT sessions. I have since joining forces with julie so far lost 37.5 kg and 5 dress sizes. I have a long way to go and will succeed with julie by my side.

I now spend my days looking forward to getting out and about being active and doing things I never would have thought possible. I now challenge myself and face my fears head on with the confidence to give almost anything a try. Others now comment the old me is coming back, I'm happier and healthier than I have been in years.

I cant recommend Julie highly enough, always ready to take time to answer my emails, make suggestions, and listen when I'm having a bad week. Most of all Julie makes every session fun, even when you think you its to hard, Julie encourages you to keep going while making you laugh through it. Julie is so inspirational I look forward to our sessions both group fitness and PT.

I couldn't have got where I am without Julie's help, support, knowledge and encouragement. My only regret is wasting my first few weeks contemplating and not just doing.


   30 November 2016

"I would recommend Julie Andrews...."

Jason - Mt Warren Park

My shoulder had been dislocating for many many years and I finally went under the knife at the end of last year. For rehabilitation I had to find a personal trainer who had training in injury rehabilitation and I came across Julie. For three days a week, she would push me and encourage me to do things I would never have thought possible. Just three months later, I can now lift weights above my head and have just about a full range of motion back in my shoulder.

Julie is an absolutely wonderful support and brilliant personal trainer who I'm so happy to have had support me through my journey. I would recommend Julie Andrews to anyone wanting to better themselves for any reason.


   August 10, 2016

"I decided it was time to run a marathon...."

Sara - Wishart

I have always considered myself active person, but definitely not a serious runner. After running a few half marathons, I decided it was time to run a marathon.

After this decision the panic set in, I became very aware that running a marathon is a huge commitment and not something you can just pull out the bag.

Luckily I met Julie! I can honestly say if it hadn’t of been for Julie I am not sure I would have even made it to the start line, let alone run the entire race and finish in a great time.

Julie provided me with a marathon plan for each month of my training; she juggled it around my other hobbies and made it realistic and easy to follow. I also joined the Story Bridge run squad, which Julie runs every Tuesday morning. This is where Julie helped me with my running technique and offered support and encouragement. I also learnt a huge deal from the others who run in the group, they are an incredible, talented group of people with lots of knowledge to share.

As well as the running in my plan, Julie also scheduled strength training, which helped me hugely! I attended a boot camp which Julie runs weekly which was so much fun! I also received weekly email’s/messages with tips for nutrition and interesting articles to read as well as her checking to see how I was going. Julie’s commitment to my training was amazing.

Running a Marathon has really changed my life, if you can run a marathon you can take on anything! I am truly grateful to Julie for all her knowledge, help and support, I feel very lucky to have met her. Bring on the next challenge (with Julie’s help!).

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   August 1, 2016

"She actually listens to you...."

Vince - Beenleigh

When I was a stupid teenager I had a love for skate boarding, this obsession in years to come would give me no end of physical problems, from water on the knee to a major surgery on my shoulder.

The surgery was the result of showing off and falling shoulder first into an empty swimming pool we were skating in, and dislocating my shoulder.

Painful but not life threatening or a permanent disability. Unless, you then dislocate it a further 16 times in the following 3 years. It came out in bed, stretching, swimming, it got to the stage where it would just pop out because it wanted too.

I finally had surgery on the shoulder and for the next 30 years had major restriction of movement and pain. Then I met Julie Andrews. Julie is a personal trainer with a difference, she actually listens to you and creates programs that not only get you fitter but address your issues with movement and posture.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't like Julie, she is not on my Christmas card list and I constantly swear at her and call her names, she makes me get up early in the morning when even the sun isn't up, and makes me work out. I constantly tell her I don't like her and she just smiles and says "You love me" BUT. I now have better movement in my shoulder than I have ever had, it no longer aches on cold mornings, (I know this because I now have to get up on cold mornings..Thanks again Julie.) and because of the attention she pays to posture and movement I am fitter at 55 than I was at 30.

I don't want to say thank you because she will only use it against me when I am calling her names during my PT, but I think I should tell other people that if you have an injury and are concerned about getting expert profession advice Julie would be perfect to help you. You also get to call her names and swear at someone that takes no notice of you.

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   July 10, 2016

"I would definitely recommend her !"

Steph - Bahrs Scrub

Julie is a great personal trainer. She encourages you throughout your whole session and focuses only on you and nothing else. She actually gets down and does the exercises with you which is really motivating. I have been trained my other personal trainers but Julie would have to be the best. I would definitely recommend her.

Thanks you so much Julie! I have really enjoyed our PT's together!

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   March 31, 2016

"your life will change forever !"

Sandra - Beenleigh

I was struggling to lose weight and feel human again. I knew my diet wasn't too bad, but spent all day sitting at work and way too tired to do anything once I got home. I used to work with Julie years ago, and I bumped into her in our local shopping centre about this time last year. She looked fantastic! She had transformed herself into a Personal Trainer.

So, after much procrastination, I called her to help me. Julie worked with me patiently, only pushing me as far as she knew I could go and further than I would ever have pushed myself. 12 months on, I am 10 kg lighter but more importantly healthier and fitter than I have been for 20 years. Apparently you are never too old to teach an old dog new tricks.

No longer am I the Nanna sitting under the tree watching the kids play. I am out there playing with them. My dream come true!

Don't put off calling her, the sooner you start your fitness program, the sooner your life will change forever!

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   October 8, 2015

8 Week Program

Dana - Windaroo

Like a lot of people I tend to hide away in winter, cursing myself every year as the warmer seasons approach and find it so hard to find the motivation and focus to start to move again.

I have just completed an 8 week program with Julie at Body Connection Fitness and can honestly say that even though I've always been someone who is reasonable active and enjoyed exercising (once I do get started again) the change I felt within from week 1 to 8 has been massive.

I struggle with doing the same exercises day in/day out and have loved the variation that Julie gave me in my program which changed every two weeks. She kept me engaged, focussed and motivated to want to get stronger each week. Combining my program with her group fitness and boxing sessions, I really don't know if I've felt so healthy and strong before - thank you Julie :-)

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   June 8, 2015

Running Training

Wayne - Brisbane

Julie and Robson have been conducting training sessions with our group of runners on Tuesday mornings for the past 18 months. The sessions are always well organised and have a set goal. It could be speed work, fartlek, hill repeats or one of many other options. When the going gets tough, they are always there to motivate and encourage. The session is always ended with a strength and stretching session.


   May 12, 2015


Emily, Meagan, Brooke & Jasmine - Beenleigh

My friends and I started going to bootcamp after work to keep fit and in shape for netball. We love training with Jules! She’s really fun and puts together challenging circuits. We go to bootcamp every Thursday night. She never lets us take it easy and that’s what we pay for! Each session is different and keeps us motivated!

   May 4, 2015

"100% about my fitness"

Jason - Windaroo

I met Julie through PCYC a few years ago when she did Taekwondo. I’ve kept in touch and have been keen to get some PT. Julie is really motivating and keeps me accountable. I’ve always been slack with my eating habits and now I’m on top of it. The sessions are excellent and I am seeing a massive difference after 3 months! I recommend Julie to everyone because she’s 100% about my fitness and not just getting to the next client! Thank you Julie.